Biz Chat 001 How to Grow Your Business with Thom Rigsby

We've Launched Alabama's First Statewide Business focused Tweet Chat - #BizChatAL During the first chat,  Thom Rigsby: The Unashamed Non-Conformist  talked openly on Twitter about how to prepare for business growth in 2019. @ThomRigsby is a serial entrepreneur and business coach who is currently quite active in the @HuntsvilleAla Startup community and brought a wealth of business development ideas to the chat.

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The key is understanding who the “right people” are. I don’t try to convert, I connect with people already looking for my answer. Then I can use technology to connect with them where they are asking questions. For example, Facebook is a growing source for referrals around home and life. LinkedIn is THE source for business related connections. Build your presence where were your audience already spends their time. Then reuse content and customize for the venue!

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Easy one, greater reach! Without tech, the number of people I can help is limited by geography and time. Tech overcomes both! With tech I can reach people all over the world, 24 hrs/day, hundreds or thousands at a time. BUT don't fall for the trap! Tech is no replacement for person-to-person interaction! It makes it easier! You still have to build relationships!

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Social is for being social. People do business with PEOPLE they know, like and trust and that happens in relationships. I use social channels to meet new people and build broader & deeper relationships. Some will buy some won't. Either is ok! Social channels give my audience a chance to see the real me & make decision about whether they want to do business with me. It is also a great tool for finding out what my tribe is talking about, what they worry about and see if I can help.

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I start by working to understand where my ideal customer looks for answers when they have questions. Then I work really hard to cultivate a presence in all those places. Fish where the fish are! That said, it's critical to 80/20 the venues that produce best results then work hard to develop your brand in that venue.

PRO TIP: Build your own venue! Add capabilities to your own website that promote relationships that win.

Biz Chat Alabama

Creating value is key to winning! Most stumble when they forget that “value” is in the eye of the buyer, not the seller. Don't be so focused on your own products that you miss opportunities! Be the connector between problem and solution! Don't be so focused on your own products that you miss opportunities! Be the connector between problem and solution! Our job is to solve problems for other people at a profit! Help your market solve their worst problem & you get the credit!

Biz Chat Alabama

For me, growth in 2019 is about opening new markets. We spent 2018 making sure the business is solid and creates results. Starting from stable footing is critical. Too many businesses try to “grow” their way out of tough times. without solid footing. This is like trying to win the high jump in the mud! Now with solid footing, we can bring the framework for success to new audiences, growing our footprint and our team!

Many Thanks to Thom for being our first guest on #BizChatAL feel free to join us every Thursday on Twitter from 2-3PM/CST.

More about Thom, he business owners, leaders and high performers reach their highest potential...every day! Need to GSD? Check out  for my secret!

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