Biz Chat 005 How to Nail Your Next Media Interview with Melissa Warnke

We've Launched Alabama's First Statewide Business focused Tweet Chat - #BizChatAL . During our fifth chat, the Manager of Communications and Engagement for @AlabamaRetail joined us to discuss how to nail your next media interview . Melissa’s dynamic media background allowed her to bring a wealth of insight to this week’s chat.

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Just because it's important to you/your business doesn't make it newsworthy. It must appeal to a large, broad audience. Newsworthy= compelling/inspiring “people” story or something that affects one's health, safety or wallet. Find a 'hook' before pitching to media. #BizChatAL

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Ask yourself if the story idea would help anyone. Would this help ‘localize’ a national story? Would it help protect people, save them money, or put them to work? Is my business providing help to members of the community with an event/project?  Just examples, but good places to start. #BizChatAL

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Spend time developing (mutually-beneficial) relationships with reporters and editors. Understand the timing of the news cycle and the multiple, daily deadlines there are. Don’t leave out important info in press release (contact numbers, time, location, etc.) #BizChatAL

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Never make your pitch sound like a commercial. That’s what paid advertisements are for. If you can’t show how your story provides value to audience, there’s no reason for them to cover. #BizChatAL

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Think about who reaches your own target audience. Once you identify outlets, start with their assignment editors/managers; reporters or journalists who cover business/consumer news; or digital editors/writers. It never hurts to call/email/Facebook message and ask. #BizChatAL

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Think through (or ask what are) possible questions. Prepare bullet points but fight urge to script answers or sound rehearsed. Gather facts, numbers & statistics about topic. Give 10-15 second answers that provide your unique perspective. Don't use industry jargon. #BizChatAL

Thanks again for joining us this week, Melissa! To learn more about The Alabama Retail Association and its mission to promote and protect the interests of retailers in Alabama., check out the following video.

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