Biz Chat 006 Transitioning from Engineer to Entreprenuer with Thom Rigsby

We've Launched Alabama's First Statewide Business focused Tweet Chat - #BizChatAL . During our sixth chat, Thom Rigsby joined us again to discuss the upcoming Engineer to Entrepreneur event presented by Innovate Huntsville, coming up February 25th from 8AM - 12PM.


Engineers solve hard problems, its what we do. That is usually the EASY part of bringing an innovative product to market. The difficult part is in the unknown, all the stuff you need to do to build a business that isn’t a clear cut as engineering. The Engineer to Entrepreneur event is designed to help bridge that gap, making it easier to get innovation into the market! #BizChatAL

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Great question… because it’s not as clear and straight forward as engineering. It’s a nuance that we’re not used to. BUT, because it is challenging, there is the opportunity for great reward, right!? That's why we pursue it! There are SO MANY great ideas that never make it to market because the process seems so difficult! We are looking to streamline the process during this event. #BizChatAL

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"You Can Do This!" is actually our theme for the event! Every speaker, panel and exercise is designed to help YOU leave the venue CONFIDENT that you understand next steps and the process doesn't seem so big and bad anymore! #BizChatAL

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Everything from protecting your intellectual property, choosing the right kind of business entity, the difference between.personal bookkeeping and business bookkeeping, and of course case studies and testimonials from fellow entrepreneurs. sharing their trials and successes to help everyone find a clear path forward! #BizChatAL

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We've made it super simple... just go to  to get all the details and grab your seat, and be sure to do that quickly! Early Bird pricing ends at midnight FRIDAY!! You don't want to miss it! Oh, one more thing We've also opened up student friendly pricing! If you have a .edu email address, you can take advantage of a huge discount! #BizChatAL

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