Biz Chat 008 Creative Business Solutions for the out-of-the-box Entrepreneur

We've Launched Alabama's First Statewide Business focused Twitter Chat - #BizChatAL ! During our eighth chat, Brian Baldwin joins us to discuss creative business solutions for the out of the box entrepreneur that he has implemented in his Alabama based body piercing company, @JamboPiercing

Biz Chat Alabama

I think the most challenging thing has been to learn about business financing and the benefits of not using personal credit to grow. #BizChatAL

Biz Chat Alabama

I don't know if anything has really failed, but some have been more successful. I've promoted on Facebook and had great results and terrible results. Some things are just trial and error. #BizChatAL

Biz Chat Alabama

I think the most successful thing I've done is just treating people the best I can. I screw up from time to time but I try to do the best I can. #BizChatAL

Biz Chat Alabama

I've been working with a company that teaches the correct way to apply and what order. I saw how much it helped me and started offering it. Having money to grow has been a game changer. #BizChatAL

Tweet Chat Alabama

The jewelry companies that I use have a long wait time so having the extra funding makes planning easier. Plus, personal credit isn't designed for business so if you don't have business credit, you can lower your score just from using it. #BizChatAL

Biz chat Alabama

I have a free guide that gets you started. … and you can always reach out to me directly if you have any questions. #BizChatAL

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