Biz Chat 019 How to Deal with Difficult People with Paul Long

We've Launched Alabama's First Statewide Business focused Twitter Chat - #BizChatAL  This week we're talking to Paul Long of @LeadershipRise about how to deal with difficult people, the right way! #BizChatAL Mr. Long is currently the senior pastor at Antioch Baptist Church, and Founder of the Long Ranch 4 Boys.

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Knowing what the conflict is over is a learned skill of courage. Not being afraid to address a difficult person. And after the conflict, continue in kindness. Learning to deal with difficult people is an essential skill. You will always have difficult personalities in any endeavor. Knowing how to manage those situations ultimately determines success or failure most of the time. #BizChatAL

Biz Chat Alabama

The best way to respond in the heat of the moment is to gather your emotions, first! You do this by:

  1. Slowing the conversation down.

  2. Focus on your reply not a rebuttal.

  3. Use the persons name when talking to them.

  4. Try to find some common ground.

  5. Do not get emotionally flooded! 

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The best way I have found to evaluate if you could be part of the problem is to confide in a few friends that you know can speak the truth to you if you are in the wrong. #BizChatAL

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Affirm the conflict of feelings. Ignoring them or dismissing them is the wrong way to start. Don’t react. Choose to respond. Look for the big goal. What matters the most here, is the question we should be asking. A few ways to work through conflict with others includes:

  1. Be humble.

  2. Be sensitive

  3. Be clear.

  4. Be honest.

  5. Be flexible.

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There are going to be people that will never appreciate or support you in your dreams and goals. That’s ok! It’s supposed to be that way. It’s the resistance that creates strength. Just don’t let the criticism discourage you. Being gracious let’s the one you are having conflict with know that you may disagree with them but you still value their opinion and them as a person. #BizChatAL

Biz Chat Alabama

Speak with the person one on one and see if you can discover if this is possibly a misunderstanding. By doing this you will bring out any misunderstandings. By doing this you will also let the person know that you will be addressing future issues. Pray for the person you are having conflict with. Seek ways to be kind, loving and serviceable to the person. Make sure you are speaking their emotional cup language. There are some that will never like you. You must stay focused on your goal and stay calm and decisive about what your doing. Out work, Out Love and Out Happy your critics! #BizChatAL

Winston Churchill said “If you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks, you will never get to your destination.”

Thank you, Paul!

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