We've Launched Alabama's First Statewide Business Tweet Chat - #BizChatAL

In business, it’s important to be the first to step out because no one remembers who came second. Let’s face it, historically speaking the Chamber’s haven’t always come first, but we are working to change that with the launch of Alabama’s first statewide business Tweet Chat - #BIZCHATAL

Our Purpose.

We see a bright future for Jackson County Alabama and strive to be the consistent voice of progress in our hometown business community. We also understand, in the modern marketplace our scope of influence spans far beyond physical county lines and we aim to have impact both on our local and state-wide business sectors. It’s often said, “see a need, fill a need,” and with a mission to be the voice of progress in our business community we need to be leading the way in the modern marketplace. With over 80% of people doing their online research before making a purchase decision, it’s time for the chamber to shift focus and be where our audience is; online.

Currently, there is no organized statewide business tweet chat. I know, we couldn’t believe it either! The Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce has decided to facilitate the much-needed conversation, discussing the incredible ways that Alabama business community members are thriving.

While our initial purpose is more philanthropic minded, we do have a few tangible goals we are working towards that we would like to help our guests and moderators achieve as well:

  • Grow your following

  • Understand your audience better

  • Display thought leadership

  • Boost engagement

  • Solicit feedback

  • Make meaningful business connections

We’ve done our Research.

In the digital marketing field for over six years now, our Communications Director Sarah Stahl, has extensive experience monitoring, participated and engaging in tweet chats over the years and is quite comfortable leading the charge. Her goals include keeping the chamber up to date with current marketing standards, congruent with changing consumer trends, and developing the only statewide business chat on Twitter is just one part of our new communications strategy.

What’s in it for Participants?

The value driven benefits of those who choose to participate in the #BizChatAL tweet chat are pretty sweet! According to Marketing Land, a 2013 study revealed “90% Of Customers Say Buying Decisions Are Influenced By Online Reviews.” Online reviews are not only limited to snagging a few Google or Facebook stars, but span the gamete of influential online and offline touchpoints.

Those who participate in a highly respected online conversations, such as a tweet chat, gain instant favorability among the community. Then, a 49% increase in favorability toward that business is earned when they are supported and backed by the Chamber of Commerce.

Double whammy!!

For those who join us as guests or moderators, it’s a chance to display thought leadership within your field of expertise, increase profile views, and grow their audience by participating in a positive public forum. Platform users see Twitter chats as another source of interesting content they can add to their feed, as well as a way to find interesting people to connect with, learn from and follow.

We’re Powerful Promoters!

The development and planning process isn’t what makes a tweet chat so successful! The guest lineup, high quality content and ability to promote it does, and we have several ways of making sure it’s a success. Our connection to the business community throughout Alabama, an exhaustive and well-organized content calendar and passionate staff makes for the perfect promotional recipe. Although we can’t give away all our secrets, we can share one we know will help us make it happen and you can benefit from as well.  Using our favorite tool, Agorapulse, we’re able coordinate & plan in advance to provide a well-diversified conversation that we know will provide value & draw a crowd. Starting a project of this magnitude from scratch requires patience, determination and social marketing savvy. Lucky, we have all three!



What you can expect.

First of all, we love to have fun around here! Consider that fair warning because that’s a big part of what you can expect during our weekly business-related discussions. In fact, expert twitter users have even been known to break out in a GIF war during tweet chats, and that’s totally okay. We only talk to business leaders and professionals who love what they do and are interested in sharing what they’ve learned in a fun (stuffy-free) environment. If you know of anyone who sounds like that, feel free to click the photo above to tweet them an invite!

Truth is, there are so many incredible business professionals achieving so many jaw dropping accomplishments that’s it hard not to feed off and share the momentum through the innerwebs. Our goal is just want to harness it, bottle it up and share with others to keep the vibrant business culture on the forefront of the online business scene.

If this sounds like something you may want to be part of, we welcome you with open arms. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

1.      Join us every Thursday at 2PM/CST

2.      Use/Follow the hashtag #BIZCHATAL

3.      Email sstahl@scottsboro.org if you are interested in being a guest

4.      Read the rules below, and come prepared to have a GREAT time!

Sarah Stahl