Join a refuge naturalist for a presentation at Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge near Scottsboro and experience hundreds of thousands of bats departing Sauta Cave at dusk to begin their nightly forage for insects.

  • Tuesday, June 29th at 7:30PM
  • Saturday, July 17th at 7:30PM
  • Thursday, July 29th at 7:15PM
  • Saturday, August 14 at 7:15PM

Bring an umbrella or jacket, insect repellent, and a flashlight.

Sauta Cave Bats


Located next to a major thoroughfare in Scottsboro, Alabama, the federally protected Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge hosts a large colony of gray bats. During the summer months at dusk, you can watch a dark cloud of bats pouring out of the cave to collect their nightly fill of insects.

Anytime at dusk between June and August is great for bat viewing. If you can go during a full moon with no cloud obstruction you will get a much better view of the bats. Conversely, cloudy nights with low light can make this a lack luster experience.

Pro Tip: The Strawberry Moon will light the night sky officially on June 24, 2021 but it will appear full on the 16th and 18th as well. In addition to bats and full moons, Jupiter will be visible in the sky between August 8 – September 2 as well!