A New Era of Shop Local Begins.

The economic impact of shopping local is one of the most powerful community influences we each have over directly improving our local economy. In theory, shopping local can allow each of us to be an investor within our community, if we choose to participate. But as we all know, the internet has had a major impact on the amount of investment that truly takes place within our business community.

The reality is, local retailers & restaurants are finding they don’t have access to the technological infrastructure to compete with the modern conveniences that their online competitors provide. Thanks to the newly reinvented Native Rewards app, now called Go Native, small business can now compete at a more innovative level. Just take a look at its simplified user interface.


Jordan and Ashley Doufexis, of Rainsville, are the new managing developers of the revitalized shop local and delivery app that allows local retails to sell their products and have them delivered within a 24 hour window.  The Go Native developers have partnered up with the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce, which will allow member merchants to sign up as early adopters and receive one-on-one training. The use of the app will be $39 + a 5% service fee per month and a minimum of $30 per order to qualify for delivery.

During the startup process, the Go Native team plans train merchants to ensure success by walking them through the process of uploading products to the app to be easily discovered locally using your geographical location.

From a consumer perspective this is what the process looks like:

  1. Sign in to the app and choose whether you would like to eat or shop

  2. Choose to view products either by business or location

  3. Purchase products directly through the app

  4. Place an order using secure payment through stripe

  5. Receive an instant push notification confirming your order and deliver time

  6. Receive your order at home within 24 hours when orders are placed before 12PM and same day for all orders placed before 12PM

To learn more the community is welcomed to join a Live Training & Demo during the November Breakfast & Biz event on Tuesday November 13th at First Southern State Bank in Stevenson starting at 7:30AM. In the meantime, if you have any additional questions, please reach out to The Chamber or email sstahl@scottsboro.org.