History Lives at The Heritage Center

In Jackson County Alabama, there are quite a few neat places to explore that visitors may not expect to be located in this Northeast corner of the state. One such destination is the Heritage Center, located just a few blocks from Main Street Scottsboro.

If you’ve ever visited Jackson County, you’ve most likely stopped by Unclaimed Baggage Center & right down the road is our areas neatest Historical Preservation Organization; home to Jackson County’s history.

Although their extensive geological and historical library is what they are most known for, there are several other ways to learn and experience the deep historical impact that Jackson County has had on the world!

Jackson County Heritage Center

First, a bit of background.

Located in the beautiful neoclassic Brown-Proctor Home, the now Heritage Center, was originally built in 1881. Shortly after the home was built, General John R. Coffey purchased the property in 1884, shortly after returning to Jackson County following the Mexican-American War. He soon thereafter became a leading citizen and largest land owner in Jackson County.

In 1907, the Proctor family purchased the home after Mr. Proctor served as a member of the Alabama House of Representatives and the Constitutional Convention of 1901. Following Mr. Proctor, two generations of Proctor lawyers lived in the house. After the Proctor family Vacated in 1974, the home sat vacant until the Scottsboro Museum Commission acquired the property in 1981 and remodeled it to maintain it’s historical significance. Today, visitors can view the homes progression over the past 130+ years.


The Center receives hundreds of researches and historians every year. Patrons come from all over the county to research the genealogy of their Jackson County ancestors in the Walter B. Hammer, Jr. Library. Additionally, the archives are used to write research papers and articles due to the extensive public records that can be found here dating back to the late 1800’s. All of the old Jackson County newspapers have been digitized and are searchable by keyword on the Center’s computer system.

Sage Town1.png


On the grounds, the museum houses Sage Town, which is a reimagined town from the 1800’s. Composed of three separate exhibit areas the pioneer village takes visitors back in time hundreds of years when Native Americans first entered Jackson County. Visitors can hear the history of the house and view various exhibits throughout. Upon entering the little Courthouse, visitors will learn about the establishment of Jackson County and its various county seats. While exploring Sagetown, visitors get the chance to see what life was like when Jackson County was first settled.


Keep tabs on the website events page and on social media as the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center is host of many events throughout the year including the Spring Art Exhibit, Holiday Open House, Ice Cream Socials, Chamber Business After Hours, Lectures, Meetings, Book Clubs and Heritage Days.

Additionally, the Center is able to host weddings, receptions, showers, tea & birthday parties, family get togethers or corporate meetings.

Vision for the Future!

Since the inception of the Heritage Center, plans for a 3,000 square foot addition has been in the works. The addition would include handicapped access, two large meeting rooms, additional bathrooms, a kitchen and offer the Heritage Center the chance to expand its Research Library.

History is both alive and growing, here in Jackson County Alabama! If you are interested in supporting our local historical center, please feel free to visit their site to learn more about how to donate.

Sarah Stahl