Rural Investment opportunities Offering Jackson County Based Tax Deferments

Have you heard of the recent investment opportunities now available through the new Tax Cuts & Jobs Act? They are called, “Opportunity Zones” & are local investment opportunities that help develop rural areas.

The Opportunity Zone program is a new program that started as part of the Tax Reform established by Congress on December 22ND 2017 with the goal to spur economic development.

History of the Program.

The program is actually the brain child of the Economic Innovation Group which is headed up by Shawn Parker. He’s a former Facebook President and the inventor of Napster who’s worked with senators & representatives from both sides of the isle; making this a bi-partisan bill.

The Government put together the Opportunity Zones program with the new Tax Cuts & Jobs Bill which was passed in December of 2017. This is a great opportunity to spur economic development in low income areas, by working with investors with the chance to get money out of the government’s hands and into the economy through investors and professionals to go out and build the economy in areas that haven been overlooked in the past.

What’s an Opportunity Zone?

25% of these areas have been marked out and designated across the country. This interactive map provided by Warren Averett highlights the boundaries of the Jackson County Opportunity Zones in which there are currently several opportunities to purchase land and/or commercial property to invest in.

Why is it Important?

In short, when you invest in an Opportunity Zone you automatically qualify for temporary tax deferments with the chance to quality for permanent deferments & is the major contributor why this program has started gaining major traction and attention & is an incredible opportunity to reinvest to keep money on state soil.

Where are they Located?

There are a few ways to see which areas quality for the program benefits. Clicking on the interactive map will allow you to zoom in to the street level of any property within the boundaries you are considering.

One such location is currently being offered by Jack Gabriel with the Southeastern Land Group.

Jackson County Opportunity Zone

Medical office space with 5 exam rooms, physician office, billing area, reception area, large waiting room, and plenty of parking. The perfect space for a specialist to provide care for the Jackson County community from Huntsville or Chattanooga. The clinic is directly across the street from Highlands Hospital and has two family practice physician offices connected to the space.

For more information about Jackson County Opportunity Zones, or details about this investment, Contact:

Jack Gabriel

Phone: (256) 609-0918


Sarah Stahl