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For most people 2020 was the year of being inert; isolation became the norm and wash hands and wearing face shields protecting from an invisible enemy. Meet Devante and Kayla Williams; they did it all last year! Williams said he “swiped right” on one of those dating apps and things “just clicked” with then friend, Kayla. After their courtship, the Chattanooga native, Williams, married Kayla and purchased 20 acres in Flat Rock where they plan to make a homestead. They even bought baby goats with aspirations to add more animals in the future.

Met, married, and about to open a third dance academy; this one in Trenton, Georgia. Oh, did I mention Williams is a world-class dance instructor? Yeah, he’s got credentials from UTC, the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, New York, in addition to countless studios over a 20-year career. After marrying Kayla, Williams opened his second dance academy here in Scottsboro – Chattanooga is home to the first. He was inspired by Usher as a teenager and started taking ballroom lessons and never looked back. Years passed until a ballroom teacher who was open to Williams’s entrepreneurial ideas that got him thinking about an academy of his own. Since then he’s been teaching ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and more for 15 years. His passion for students oozes from wanting to equip them to succeed in dance.

Scottsboro Dance Studio

As experienced a dancer as Williams is; his first love was actually acting. In his spare time – little as it is – he’s built a nice resume including gigs as an extra in Tyler Perry movies and appearing on the ID channel in a number of shows. He was also featured on seasons Two and Three of Lifetime’s hip-hop majorette competition, “Bring It.”

Expansion into Scottsboro was a matter of faith and the results where enough to set sights on a new market, Trenton, GA. As providence would have it, the current studio owner of Dade County Dance Studio was looking to close the doors as Williams began looking for a place. What’s more, the prior owner and Williams knew each and had danced in the same studio years ago. Williams said he and wife Kayla “prayed about the potential takeover and, in simple faith, moved in that direction.”  It was seamless turnover for Williams who will be in the same building but remodeled in the Devante Williams Dance Academy branding. At the time of this writing the grand opening is scheduled for 30 January.

Williams leverages his education and training with the goal to make the Devante Williams Dance Academy (DWDA) a name synonymous with quality. Expansions are a part of what Williams says “makes up having a business” but having a business and being established are too different things. By established Williams states “known and reputable.” The first is a beginning to business whereas the latter is when clients understand the quality in your name. Williams strives to imbue all his locations with a name respected everywhere dancers dance.

With three locations available, you too can say – “we can dance if we want to!” Just be sure to take your friends with you.

scottsboro Dance Studio

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