The app that's redefining shop local

Are you a local small business owner & chamber member struggling to compete in the ever-growing world of online sales? Then you will love our partnership with Go Native, the App that’s redefining Shop Local.

One of the hurdles we face here at the Chamber is how to best support the small business growth and development process. From business policy and advocacy to localized training seminars, and everything in between, we are always exploring ways we can help. Some things we’ve done have proven successful, while others have not quite given our local businesses the necessary foothold to rise above the online giants that threaten our economic existence.  

If you or someone close to you owns a small business, you know they are doing everything they can to keep their head above water. That means, they don’t always have the time to take advantage of all the things we offer in support of their efforts. That’s totally understandable, and we get it!  

But the question remains.  How can we truly help existing retailers grow their business, locally?

The truth is, what’s killing small businesses is the consumer support of retail giants like Amazon.

Some may say, “its just the shifting economy.” Others say, “businesses need to adjust.” But the reality isn’t that cut and dry. While small businesses are using very limited advertising budgets to gain traction and visibility, their online efforts are often stifled due to the sheer volume that retailers like Amazon can spend. Often times, competing for the same customers and attention. Then, losing out on local customers for the convenience of Amazon offers.

With Amazon It’s so easy. Look up a product, buy it, it arrives within 2-3 days.

How can local businesses compete with that?

With Go native, you can!

Go Native has solved the local problem of convenience while providing an affordable tech tool that doesn’t compete with businesses current operating budget and profit margins.

Marketing is the number one place local business are struggling! We’ve heard it over and over and it’s even why we’ve been offering Marketing Solutions to our members. Business owners balance everything from managing the shop, inventory, running social media, coordinating with local advertisers, writing blogs and serving customers, and many other tasks. Leaving very little time and resources to pour into growth.

All are struggles, Amazon just doesn’t have. Why? They understand that people will pay more to have to do less. Business owners aren’t the only ones strapped for time, so are your customers! If you can give customers more time, they’ll choose you!

Although competing with Amazon may sound insurmountable here in Northeast Alabama, we believe it’s not!Now that we’ve partnered with Go Native we are more hopeful than ever about what our local retailers are capable of.  

The truth is, if you want to compete, you have to have the tech to make that happen and then apply that tech to your business or your future may be in jeopardy against the Amazon giants.

Now, 3 years and 1 Million dollars later the Go Native team has produced a simple software that gets the user experience where it needs to be. How? Convenience!

That’s the model Amazon has adopted, and Go Native has adopted the same model locally and removed all the barriers.

How does it work?

Simple. With the new app, customers can search for and purchase your products directly from the platform.

The best part? Go Native drivers will pickup & deliver directly to their doorstep within 24 hours.

That’s it. Simple, right?!

With options to, Eat local:

With options to, Shop local:

Now What?

If you’re a Chamber of Commerce retailer and you sign up for the Go Native app by May 30th of 2019 Go Native will waive the monthly subscription for the rest of 2019. To learn more, contact or call the chamber office at 256-259-5500.


Sarah Stahl