Unbelievable Homelessness Success Story in Jackson County

“They gave me a second chance, so I’m giving back to others!”

Josh Sherlin grew up in and out of the foster system, until he finally landed at the home of Russell & Missy Tolleson. There he learned the power of a second chance and the importance of giving back. Josh continues to extend what he learned as a youth, with a commitment to serve at the Life Resource’s Center.

Homeless help in Jackson County

Josh opened the doors of the Life Resource’s Center January 16, 2016 serving 17 clients, 5 of which were toddlers. During that time, they opened as a warming center but quickly realized there was a greater need.

Josh approached Mayor Shelton and together they worked to secure the current building they are housed in located at 304 South Andrews Street in Scottsboro, Alabama. Bishop Dawson allowed the use of the building, rent free, for one year and they are now in the process of purchasing the building and looking forward to being a more permanent resident and resource in downtown Scottsboro.

Josh has ambitious goals for the center, which include ways to help folks get back on their feet and working again!

  1. Pay off the building as soon as possible, to free up monthly cash flow.

  2. Be able to provide transitional housing in Jackson County, to get folks in a shelter quicker.

  3. Re model the kitchen/dining area.

  4. Add a more robust education program that includes computer stations and instructions.



Josh wants to express the fact that statistically, “the majority are all about two paychecks away from being in a position his clients are in. We’ve got the definition of homeless all wrong.

The majority of folks we see aren’t panhandlers or lazy. They are local residents who are down on their luck and just need a few hands up to get them back on their feet and thriving within the community again. “


From December 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 the center resulted in the following tangible resources:

  • Helping 66 clients

  • 74% left their facility with housing

  • 41% job placement thanks to the partnership with local industries

  • Built a fence around our outdoor area

  • Partnered with local doctors to provide medical care

  • Paid 8 housing deposits

  • Checked 3 into The Father’s House rehab

  • Served 3511 meals

  • Provided 2,378 showers

  • Facilitated 2,759 loads of laundry


“We couldn’t do what we do, without the support of our sponsors, donors and the community!”

All funding comes from our community and we are grateful for our sponsors and donors for all they do to keep us running in order to continue to serve those in need throughout Jackson County.


“Our mission is to help those who are struggling with homelessness, by providing resources to help rebuild their lives".

To learn more about how you can help support their mission, visit them on the Web or on Facebook.

Sarah Stahl