Mountain Mover Group

Meet, The Mountain Movers

The Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce has identified a community need to support a platform in which to attract, retain, cultivate, collaborate with & engage up-and-coming community leaders. The Jackson County community is a unique one and required a complimentary group of folks to lead the charge.

This grassroots effort is currently evolving based on community needs and group member involvement, but we are confident, encouraged, and excited about the direction they are moving in.


To create a network of locally owned businesses that work together to help each other thrive and prosper.

True to their mission the group plans to begin a hometown gorilla marketing effort to promote local business – by swarming their locations, sharing photos offering complimentary promotions. Follow on Facebook to see who we SWARM next!

Amanda Heard


Amanda graduated from Pisgah High School, attended North East and Alabama A & M University. She is the General Manager at the Hollywood 10 Cinemas in Scottsboro. Amanda and her family live in Pisgah. She’s always had a passion for community but has just recently found an outlet that allows her to help her community through working with the Chamber. Seeing how the Hollywood 10 was struggling after coming back from quarantine, she realized that there were tools out there to help locally owned businesses, but some times they were hard to find. This was the main reason she joined the Mountain Movers Committee-to help locally owned businesses be able to have access to outlets of assistance that can be useful. She is looking forward to working with the group of Mountain Movers and wants to be able to assist all locally owned businesses in Jackson County that she is able to help. Amanda feels that locally owned businesses are the backbone of the community and that a community is similar to a family in that you always need to have each other’s back. For more information on joining the Mountain Movers Committee, please feel free to contact Amanda. We are always open to more ideas and opinions!
George Hartline


George owns Pine Brothers Coffee Company along with his wife, Joannie. George is a US Veteran and a current resident of Section, Alabama. George attended college at North East and went on to finish his degree at the University of Alabama. George plays with the Band Harmless Doves and offers a unique venue in the Reverie Theater-which is located inside the Pine Brothers Coffee Café. George is passionate about his community because this is where he grew up and where he lives. He is eager to assist other small businesses throughout Jackson County and do all he can to see to it that the tools for success are made readily available to them. George’s passion for his community is what lead him to become a member of the Mountain Movers.


Marcos is a co-owner of Scottsboro Nutrition located on the Square in downtown Scottsboro. He currently resides in Scottsboro. He and his wife have a 3-year-old boy and a little girl on the way. Marcos and his business partner, Aaron, are enthusiastic about helping other locally owned businesses succeed and are constantly giving back to their community.
Katie Kirkland


Katie was born and raised in Scottsboro. Her parents, Robin and Jerry Kirkland taught and coached at Scottsboro High School for over 30 years. After graduating from SHS, Katie attended Mississippi State University, earning her undergrad degree then went on to get her master’s in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at UAH. She is currently employed as the Events and Marketing Coordinator for the City of Scottsboro. Katie is the Director of the Main Street Scottsboro Organization. Her purpose for being a part of the Mountain Movers is to help all of the local businesses in Jackson County thrive and help equip them with the tools to do so.
Ashley Colon


Ashely is a photographer and the owner of Life’s Mirror Images, which she has operated since 2007. She specializes in family portraits and wedding photography. People are her passion and she enjoys capturing emotions and special moments that will be remembered when looking back at them. She enjoys the outdoors and traveling. She operates her business in her hometown of Scottsboro.
Aaron Fuentes


Aaron is the co-owner of Scottsboro Nutrition located on the Square in downtown Scottsboro. He is originally from Boaz. He had his wife have two children. He and his business partner recently decided to expand the business to Jackson County. Scottsboro Nutrition opened up on August 13th 2020.
Sarah Stahl


Sarah is an Army Veteran, wife of a Screenwriter (Daniel Stahl) & mother of 3 currently working as the Marketing & Tourism Director at the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce. She oversees the entire marketing department, budgeting, media buying, monitoring, and evaluate project activities and results while directing innovating in the tourism industry in our region. In her spare time, you can usually find her in the woods with Ashley Colon. As they explore the area together, she falls more in love with her new home here in Jackson County.
Michael Gilliam


Michael is a resident of Scottsboro and has been married to her highschool sweetheart, Curt for 25 years this past May. She has 2 children, Riley & Carter & a grandbaby, Blakely. Michael opened her business 6 1/2 years ago. The love fashion & getting to know people is what prompted her to open.  “Having my own business has been perfect for me! I’ve met so many sweet people & made lots of friends by having this store. My family has been so supportive through it all. Looking forward to many more years in business!”