March 3, 2023

Hard Hat Girls & Women in CTE, Construction & Manufacturing has Launched

Scottsboro/Jackson County, AL (March 3, 2023) – We are excited to announce an Educational Workforce Development program for high school girls and women in CTE, Construction, and Manufacturing called, Hard Hat Girls and Women in CTE, Construction, and Manufacturing Programs and Occupations.

The Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce collaborated and partnered with Scottsboro City Schools, Jackson County Schools, Business and Industry, Scottsboro Electric Power Board, Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative, North Alabama Electric Cooperative, and Career Coaches to develop and provide an Association for Girls and Women in CTE, Construction, and Manufacturing Programs/Careers.

“The focus of this organization is to share different opportunities for females in CTE, Construction, and Manufacturing, to educate and expose females to these types of careers, provide networking opportunities, and provide employment information,” said Nancy Griggs, Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce Talent Development Director. “The outcome of the group is to provide a potential pipeline of female skilled workers for the workforce and provide a network for females already working within these fields. Women in all construction and manufacturing jobs, including office workers and administrative, is only 11%. With this small percentage, we need to encourage and help influence more girls and women to enter into these industries. Your gender should never dissuade you from working in any industry.”

Group participation is open to 10-12 Graders in CTE, Construction and Manufacturing programs, women in CTE, Construction, and Manufacturing Careers, student advisors and partnering companies.

Paris Cornelison with P&C Construction has agreed to be the first Association President. Meetings will take place six times during the school year where students will visit different local industries and hear from a female speaker that works in a CTE, Construction, or Manufacturing occupation. The schools will provide a bus and a driver to transport students to and from industry.

Many thanks to Superintendent Jason Davidson, Drew McNutt, Mike Counts, Jackie Goins, Beth Haynes, Whitney Clark, Debby Wooten, Superintendent Amy Childress, Jason Hass, Brad Dudley, Malinda Sommers, business and industry and Rick Roden for their continued support and partnership. We also greatly appreciate all the speakers who attended the kickoff event.

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