April 10, 2024

Jackson County Woman of the Year

Submission Form

You may nominate up to three people. They MAY NOT be the same person. A separate nomination form must be filled out for each nomination.

To recognize a woman who has distinguished herself in her organization, profession, and community. The recipient epitomizes and represents the best of who we are as women and leaders.


PARTICIPATION: The candidate has demonstrated a significant level of involvement in the organization over an extended period of time.

 CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: The candidate has demonstrated professional growth by outstanding progress in her chosen career. Over time, she has excelled by successively obtaining more responsibility throughout her career; she has demonstrated innovation and creativity in her various positions to her agency; she has consistently exceeded expectations and demonstrated exceptional job performance. She has demonstrated commitment to fostering growth and development by sharing guidance or professional knowledge. As a mentor or through her position, she has improved services or conditions for her community.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: The candidate has demonstrated a commitment to her community by sharing her time and talent in ways that benefit the community or individuals within. She has demonstrated exceptional personal commitment to civic endeavors outside of her professional obligations.

OVERALL: The candidate has demonstrated leadership characteristics throughout her career and personal work.  Her contributions have required cooperative efforts with other individuals, departments, or agencies. She has successfully demonstrated her abilities as an individual, team member, and leader. She has demonstrated willingness to serve and assist other women in their personal and professional development and contributed to the successes of others as well as her own.

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